Current Makeup Favorites

Hello everyone and happy new year!

Today I’ll be writing about my current makeup favorites,most of which will be lipsticks,because I’m obsessed with them. So let’s start!

#1 Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick from Avon

This is my favorite lipstick at the moment,it’s perfect. It stays on your lips for a long time and the texture is great because it’s not too dry but not too liquid either. Also,I LOVE this shade,it’s amazing. I like buying lipsticks from Avon because there are lots of shades to choose from and their products are not too expensive.

#2 Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois


I have terrible skin,so I have a lot to cover up and I’ve been using this foundation to do that. For me it’s a bit pricey,but my skin is horrible and I don’t want to make it worse by using a cheap foundation. This one gives great coverage and I think it also smells great. My only problem is that I’m so pale that even the lightest shade is a bit darker than my skin color,but I have that problem with every foundation.

#3 Catrice Luminous Lips Lipstick (shade: Coffee&Cream)

This is a very light pink/nude lipstick,it’s perfect for everyday use,nothing too fancy. I usually apply this when I do the “natural makeup look”. The texture of this is kinda weird because it is very liquid,it’s almost like it’s a lipgloss.

#4 Healthy Balance Unifying Powder by Bourjois


Another Bourjois product that I’ve been using recently is this unifying powder. It’s great,it lasts for a long time and smells amazing.

#5 Ultra Colour Lip Crayon from Avon

I like the packaging, it’s very chrismassy with the little stars on it. This is a very strong dark red and since it’s a lip crayon,it’s kinda dry on your lips,so applying lipbalm before using this might be a good idea.

These are my current makeup favorites,hope you enjoyed reading!
Also,I hope all of you will have a great year! I know mine will be very stressful because I’m applying to colleges this year,but I’ll try to make time for this blog,because I really don’t want to stop writing.



December Book Haul

Hello everyone!

Today I watched a few booktuber videos and it made me want to write about books that I’ve read recently. Most of them are young adult books,which I kind of feel guilty about because these books can be incredibly cheesy,but hey,I’m eighteen,I’m technically still a teenager,so I’m allowed to like them. This might be a long post because I am very enthusiastic about books,sorry!

#1 Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


I finished this book about a week ago because I finally had time to read. I love the cover,it’s beautiful. I think covers are very important,because I am more likely to buy a book if it has a nice cover. This book is not too long, it’s 383 pages. It’s about a world,where there are silvers (wealthy people with god-like powers) and reds,who are poor,have no powers and are ruled by the silvers. And of course there is a girl,who turns out to be special and helps the revolution and stuff,yes, it is a bit like Hunger Games and Divergent and all those other books. (I feel like every book is about a distopian future now…)
There is a huge plot twist in this book and I’ve heard that people were very shocked about it,but for me it was like “really,you didn’t see that coming?”. For me it was clear from the very beggining that that certain character was shady as hell so I wasn’t particularly surprised when he turned out to be evil,but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.
It was hard for me to get through the first 15-20 pages because things were kinda slow,but after that it got more and more interesting and I finished it quite quickly. I actually loved this book,which was surprising because I didn’t think I would like it this much.
The characters were well-written, the storyline was interesting and I liked that it didn’t focus that much on love, it was more about the war and the fights. Too bad I have to wait until february to read the second book.

#2 The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare


These books came out years ago,but I started re-reading them in the past few days. This series is a guilty pleasure of mine because I kinda feel like I’m too old to be reading these books,but they are just so good! I could write a hundred pages about these,but I am not going to,because that would be boring for everyone. Let me just say though that the movie was nothing like the book and I don’t think that the tv series will be any better to be honest. Maybe they should just stop trying.

#3 Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald


I bought this because, as I mentioned before, the 1920’s is my favorite era. This is not just one big story,there are several short stories in it. I think my favorite was “The Lees of Happiness”. Maybe I was just in a very emotional state when I read it,but I actually cried and I never cry because of books or movies.

#4 Looking for Alaska by John Green


This is my favorite John Green book. TFIOS was good, I didn’t like Paper Towns that much,but Looking for Alaska is the best. The characters are very interesting and the whole book just felt very realistic.  I think the ending was a bit weird though,I didn’t feel like it was properly finished because we never actually found out what really happened. Also,this book is about to get very relevant since I heard it’s gonna be a movie soon.

#5 The Selection by Kiera Cass


I chose to put this book on the list to tell you that I didn’t like it very much. I mean it was good for a little light reading,but I just couldn’t really get into it.  I finished it of course,but I wasn’t tempted to buy the second book. Oh well,at least the cover is pretty!

If anyone has any book recommendations,I would love to hear them! 

Winter drinks

Hello everyone!

Winter is the time to drink hot chocolate,mulled wine and lots of tea. Today I made a little list of what I like to drink when it’s cold outside.

#1 Apple Cinnamon tea (Pickwick)


Starting with a very basic tea. I think this is my favorite tea ever actually.
I like apple and cinnamon together,so I drink this every winter.

#2 Banana&Cinnamon tea (London Fruit&Herb Company)


Yup,cinnamon,again. I can’t help it,cinnamon is the top christmas flavor for me. At first I thought this tea was going to be horrible because of the banana flavor,but it actually tastes very good.

#3 Organic Loose Leaf English Breakfast tea (Clipper)


The packaging of this is so gorgeous! (I buy products based on their packaging,please don’t judge me…) This is the first english breakfast tea I’ve ever bought,so I can’t really compare it to others,but I think it tastes nice.

#4 Cinnamon Plum tea (Gárdonyi teahouse)


This tea is just so festive and again,the packaging looks very nice.
(This is from a hungarian teahouse,which is kind of rare I think)

#5 Super Cosy Drinking Chocolate (Clipper)


If you want to drink good hot chocolate,you should definitely buy this one. It’s a bit expensive,but it tastes amazing.

What’s your favorite winter drink? 

December Favorites

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been writing for a while,sorry about that. I don’t have time for literally anything because of school. Seriously,I’m studying all the time.

Today I will be writing about my december favorites,so let’s get started!

#1 Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle


I am obsessed with candles so this had to be the first thing on my list. I usually buy vanilla-scented candles,but now that it’s december,I wanted to buy something festive. I bought the exact same candle last december,because cinnamon is my fave and yankee candles are amazing.

#2 Tetesept bath salts


As you can see,I have two of these: a cold-relief one, and an anti-stress one. I like the cold-relief one better,but I only use it when I’m sick and I have a blocked nose. It smells like menthol and it really helps. The other one has also been useful,because I’ve been very stressed lately.

#3 Warm spice&vanilla lotion from Avon


This smells like cookies and it makes your skin incredbily soft. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s actually shimmering. So you kind of look like Edward from Twilight when you use this,that’s my only problem with it. But other than that,it’s great.

#4 Aqua Kiss body spray from Victoria’s Secret


This has nothing to do with winter or christmas,but I’ve been using it a lot lately.  I’m a bit conflicted about the size of this bottle though.  On one hand,it’s good because I can use it for months and it won’t run out,but on the other hand, I can’t take it with me anywhere because it doesn’t fit in my bag. I also want to mention that all the Victoria’s Secret body sprays look amazing. I bought this one because it reminds me of the Water Lilies paintings by Monet.

#5 Vanilla-scented lipgloss and lipbalm from Yves Rocher


To be honest,I rarely use the lipgloss,but I always apply this lipbalm before I apply lipstick because my lips are very dry.

Makeup in the 1920’s

Oh,the Roaring Twenties….
Art Deco,jazz music,The Great Gatsby, bobbed hair, and of course, red lipstick.
If I could choose an era to live in,I would definitely choose the 1920’s. In this era, people only wanted to have fun and enjoy living – no wonder why the French called it the “années folles”, which translates to “Crazy Years”. 

Before the 20’s, wearing makeup was considered indecent and people often associated it with prostitution. But then women became a bit more courageous and started experimenting with makeup. Dark red lipstick, long eyelashes and black eyeshadow were very popular. Unlike today, having thin, dark eyebrows was fashionable in the twenties. 




(in hungarian)

Ó, az üvöltő húszas évek….
Art Deco, jazz, A nagy Gatsby, bubi frizura és természetesen  a vörös rúzs.
Ha kiválaszthatnám a korszakot,amelyben élni szeretnék,akkor biztosan a húszas éveket választanám. Az emberek ekkor csak szórakozni akartak és élvezni

az életet – nem csoda,hogy a franciák “années folles”-nak hívták,vagyis “őrült évek”-nek.
A húszas évek előtt illetlen volt sminket viselni és gyakran asszociálták a sminket a prostitúcióval. Azonban a nők bátrabbak lettek és elkezdtek kísérletezni a sminkeléssel.
A sötét vörös rúzs, a hosszú szempillák és a fekete szemhéjfesték mind nagyon
népszerűek voltak. Szintén divatos volt a vékony, sötét szemöldök.





My Favourite Lipsticks

I already mentioned in my previous post that I love lipsticks,so I thought I would make a little list of my favourite ones. I like lighter and darker lipcolours too, it depends on my mood which one I choose. I have lots of red ones,because I had a phase when I was looking for the best shade of red for months and I was so happy when I finally found it – you’ll see that on the list too. Personally I feel more confident when I’m wearing lipstick and I definitely like it better than lipgloss. 

(in hungarian)

Már az előző bejegyzésemben megemlítettem,hogy imádom a rúzsokat,szóval gondoltam írok egy kis listát a kedvenceimről. Szeretem a világosabb és a sötétebb árnyalatokat is,igazából a kedvemtől függ melyiket választom. Sok piros/bordó árnyalatú rúzsom van,mivel volt egy időszakom amikor hónapokig kerestem a tökéletes piros árnyalatot és nagyon boldog voltam,mikor végre megtaláltam – ezt is láthatod majd a listán. Személy szerint én magabiztosabbnak érzem magam ha rúzst viselek és határozottan jobban szeretem a szájfénynél. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12H (31 – Beige Shooting)


This is one of my pricier lipsticks but it was worth buying it. It’s a matte lipstick in light pink so it’s not too daring and it looks quite natural. It lasts for a long time even if you drink or eat while wearing it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it feels kind of dry on my lips ,so I usually apply a little lipbalm under it. 

Ez a drágább rúzsaim közé tartozik,de megérte megvenni. Ez egy matt, halvány rózsaszínű rúzs,tehát nem túl kihívó és egész természetesnek látszik. Tartós,akkor is ha eszel vagy iszol közben. Az egyetlen dolog, amit nem szeretek benne az az,hogy nagyon száraznak érzem tőle az ajkaimat,ezért egy kis ajakbalzsamot szoktam használni mielőtt felviszem.

Avon Hollywood Collection (Hollywood Siren)


I’m not gonna lie,I bought this because of the name and packaging. This lipstick was part of my finding-the-best-shade-of-red journey and while it still wasn’t the perfect one,I do like it very much. It is a powerful colour so it is not for everyday use,but for special events. 

Nem fogok hazudni,ezt a neve és a csomagolása miatt vettem meg. Ez a rúzs része volt a legjobb-piros-árnyalat-megtalálása kalandomnak,és bár ez még mindig nem volt a legtökéletesebb,azért nagyon szeretem. Elég erős szín,szóval nem mindennapi használatra való,inkább különleges eseményekre.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick (111 – Kiss of Life)


This is the first red lipstick that I’ve ever bought and it was a good decision. I heard great things about this lipstick and it’s not too expensive,so I gave it a shot. What I like about it is that I don’t have to re-apply it very often. Sometimes I mix this with my cherry lipgloss just to give it a little glimmer. 

Ez az első piros rúzs,amit valaha vettem és jó döntés volt.  Sok jó dolgot hallottam róla és nem is túl drága,úgyhogy adtam neki egy esélyt. Szeretem benne,hogy nem kell gyakran újra felvinnem. Néha kombinálom a cseresznyés szájfényemmel,hogy adjak neki egy kis csillogást. 

Artdeco Art Couture Lipstick (310 – Pearl)


For me,this is the perfect shade of red. It is the most expensive lipstick that I own,but I adore it. I literally spent months trying to find a shade like this.  I think it’s just so sophisticated but also a bit daring. Also, the lid never comes off so the packaging is awesome and practical.

Számomra ez a tökéletes vörös árnyalat. Ez a legdrágább rúzsom,de imádom. Szó szerint hónapokig kerestem ezt az árnyalatot. Szerintem nagyon kifinomult,de mégis egy kicsit merész.  És a kupakja sosem csúszik le,szóval a csomagolás is szuper és praktikus.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish (242 – Fudge Brownie)


I bought this like a week ago but I’ve been looking for this shade for a long time now. I wanted something natural but still festive. This is a light gold/peachy colour but the sparkles make it special. I was very happy because it wasn’t expensive either.

Ezt úgy egy hete vettem de már régóta keresem ezt az árnyalatot. Szerettem volna valami természeteset,de mégis ünnepit. Ez egy halvány arany/barackos árnyalat,de a csillámok különlegessé teszik. Nagyon örültem neki,mert nem is volt drága.

So these lipsticks are my current favourites, but I’m sure I will have to re-write this list,because it always changes. I hope you enjoyed this post and now you feel like buying some lipsticks!

Szóval ezek a jelenlegi kedvenc rúzsaim, de biztos vagyok benne,hogy újra kell majd  írnom ezt a listát,hiszen mindig változik. Remélem tetszett ez a bejegyzés,és kedvet kaptál a rúzs vásárláshoz!

Hello world!

“High Heels and Roses” is a blog for people who like fashion,makeup and everything beauty-related. I am planning on posting reviews,monthly favourites,basically just things that pop into my head. I will be writing my posts in two languages: english and hungarian. To write a little about myself, I am 18, I live in Budapest and I am obsessed with makeup products,especially lipsticks. 
A “High Heels and Roses” azoknak íródik,akik szeretik a divatot, a sminkelést, és minden szépségápolással kapcsolatos dolgot. Tervezek írni véleményeket, a hónap kedvenceit, igazából mindenről írok,ami éppen eszembe jut. Két nyelven fogom írni a bejegyzéseimet: angolul és magyarul. Hogy egy kicsit magamról is írjak, 18 éves vagyok, Budapesten élek és megszállottja vagyok a sminktermékeknek, főleg a rúzsoknak.